I Dreamt

Written by: Wandering Butterfly

I Dreamt
“I dreamt, I was a butterfly or was I, a butterfly dreaming…”

I dreamt I was a butterfly
Winging atop enchanted wood
O’er droopy willows shy
Like I, misunderstood

Beauty under misty sky
Entranced as only I would
As glimmering leaves fall under-hood
I dreamt I was a butterfly~

Captivated by a saddened cry
I float through trees like robin hood
I look to see, what I hear nigh
Winging atop enchanted wood~

Delighted, I am, to do some good
Young lass beneath the willows sigh
I approached her to do what I could
O’er droopy willows shy~

Alas, the nerve to flutter by
A butter-kiss she couldn’t shoo
She lifts her dimples, fascinated by I…
Like I, she’s misunderstood~

We play, our reflections
On the water still
Enraptured by immediate connection
I n’er knew such peace, until…
…I dreamt~ 
2011-07-07 (C) Miranda Lambert
Contest: "Daydreams, dreams and dreams" By: Constance La France