The Broken Man 2K10

Written by: Anthony O. Mitchell Jr.

O spectators come not one,  
come not all.  
For alcohol drown out his  
faintest of calls.  
No safty nets pamper his  

Behind the scenes 'tis no act,  
though fact.  
Not seen, the seemingly defeated  
and much depleted broken man.  
Yea, an utterly indefinite free faller.  
Not ere has he felt  
so broken nor felt e'er smaller.  

A fee thou need not pay!  
Justice says the show shall be  
closed today,  
as 'twas yesterday and every day.  

The curtains shall not be drawn;  
He is far too withdrawn.  
Hark! Inner demons are herd viciously  
growling and howling.  

Though the presence of demons  
though not he evil.  
A civil war wages deeply within  
Shards the remnats of his whilom