Never Seen You

Written by: Cheri Pfenning

I have never seen you. I have never touched you; nevertheless, I have only heard your voice. So how and why does my heart feel so close to you? When I have never seen nor touched you, or have you never in braced me close to you; I know the night when you touch me my heart will come alive. And  all my hurt I have held so tight inside will be drifted away like the tide that goes out in to the blue sea, I will  never know if my heart will ever feel the love that it longs to have until you embrace me in to your arms. In addition, when you make that passion love to me, your lips will fit so perfect on to mine! You will look to have no pain and never less you will tell me you need me, I will tell you I want you, and you are the one I have longed to have and to hold close to me. I have asked God to send me that perfect man nerveless God had told me there is no perfect man but he does have a wonderful caring loving man he can send my way. Moreover, when he finds me it will be that unconditional love” that you and he had longed for, for so long.