Back to the Future

Written by: kristen bruni

Somehow silence provided perfect
Being at the right place, right time
undefined creation. 
Merry go round throughout the night
a game of confusion. 
Invisible connection
or an optical illusion?

Opposing personalities
but truly mirror image. 
Politely staring eye to eye
deep down yearning to scrimmage. 

Causing havoc in the mind
while wrestling the heart. 
Rooted emotions coming to life
asking where to start. 

An unsettling ping pong match
only visible to us both. 
Dominating souls 
not used to rapid growth. 

A fleeting moment
that occurs by chance. 
Synchronicity taking over
without announcing in advance. 

Early on we miss these signs
maybe later we pay attention. 
A mystery meant to bring
a fateful soul extension. 

Encountering a stranger
that feels your twin. 
Will rearrange your world
while round and round you spin. 

The original encounter
that spawned a dizzy maze. 
Requires a sequel for fans
to relive good ol' days!

A beautiful story 
that paused to work through strife. 
So in the end if could provide
eternal shelf life. 

A real documentary 
for anyone that understands. 
A message in a bottle 
created by many trusting loyal fans.