Deciding When

Written by: Vince Suzadail Jr.

Never thought that I would feel this way
I just need to make a getaway
It just seems more futile every day
Don't think I'll be back again
Sometimes I want to scream out loud
Feel all alone within a crowd
Say a prayer with my head bowed
To free me from this den
Looking back on all my wasted years
Spent the sunshine and saved the tears
There's a time that you must face your fears
The trouble is deciding when
Every day I seem more lost
Guess I underestimated all the cost
Never worried how the dice were tossed
Always rolled with the flow
Built my castle on shifting sand
I'm a stranger in my own land
Watch it all slip from my hand
How it will end I just don't know
I look to heaven and I wonder why
Should have made it but I didn't try
Memories fade away as time goes by
Time has never moved too slow