Extinguish And Emblaze

Written by: louzana nubani

We do not despise 
What God gave us 
We do not dislike 
Our countless flaws
We whom wonder hastily 
Clinching to life after life
Hanging on with no purposes
Just the desired selfishness
To be alive
Claiming to be depressed
Claiming to be out ruled
But who is it to blame
When one tries continually and repeatedly 
And the thing one desires 
Is not to be set in claim?
To live is to be alive
Cling to life 
Outspread life
And contaminate life 
But when one has the false desire 
To terminate life
One has gotten the opposite meaning of living
And other ones must help this one
Give him a better understanding
A better view
A brighter view of life
Or perhaps how foolish one could be to end such grace
How illogic and insane
Or perhaps ungrateful 
One could be to the creator 
To God 
To Allah 
To live fully 
Is to truly extinguish 
The bleak fire of one’s destruction 
And to emblazon the torch of existing gratitude