Pure Love

Written by: Steve Harvell

It's there when a man loves a woman.

There he can do no wrong.

The commitment he makes to himself.

To be true,to always love.

To always treat her like a lady.

 It's there he knows pure love is when she drives him crazy.

 Making him want more then she gives.

 If not careful, you can lose him due to not doing your part.

 It's there he gives her all his attention.

 Even when she isn't around,she is there in his heart and mind.

 It is when he constantly dreams with her there.

 It is the feeling one gets on the inside.

 No one can really explain that feeling.

Just that it makes them feel so proud.

Makes them so fulfilled.

It is there they give all of themselves in devotion to only one.

There, no other matters in this world.

I would cut my own throat before betraying ones love.

Because it is there the hurt is, not just of them but yourself.

Because you will never trust if this is ever done to you.

We all live to love but to truely love,will be hard to find.

Because of the wall that gets built.

But understand the one you love.

And always share in the relation

Because that is the only thing that will keep you together. 

Is building trust and understanding of each other.

Because if it is not there, they will go somewhere looking for what is not filled.