Written by: elizabeth lepapa

I love you today,
I love you tomorrow,
I love you more and more each day,
Something that you will never get to know,
You say am just a friend,
In my heart you are more than a friend,
You are my morning sun,
In the dark you are my moon,
Guess you will never know you are always on my mind,
That I always wish to hold your hand,
To have you close to me,
To shout to the whole world that am in love,
To always watch your back,
To take you to the park,
To tell you I love you when I look in your eyes,
But I know all these are just dreams,
Because you can never love me,
We can never be,
She is the only one you love,
For I will never have the chance,
To say what inside me,
Yes I have to accept,
I will never have your heart,
You will never be mine,
You belong to someone else.
Everyday seeing her  with you hurts,