Written by: elizabeth lepapa

If I can well remember, It was not long ago, You were the man I called my father, The same man I shared a roof with, The same man I shared a meal with, When with problems the man I turned to, And what did you do? You took away my innocence, As if you lack common sense, You never cared how little I was, I cant believe you are the same man I knew, Why did you have to do this to me? In the whole world why did you chose me? Your daughter!!!! I need an answer father, What did I ever do to you? I don’t remember wronging you, The good friendship we shared is ruined now, And how am I supposed to react now? Am I supposed to say you are a monster? For Christ sake you are supposed to be my protector, But you turned to a molester, The love I had for you have turned to hatred, Inside my heart is a big wound, A wound created by my own father, I and I don’t think I will ever recover, As the images of that day are fixed on my mind, Sometimes they drive me mad, And the pain I can’t hold it, I cry aloud to let it out, Filled with so much questions, Am yet to find the answers, Hoping one day I will heal inside, And I will get to understand, Why these actions had to come from my father, What he really wanted to gain, For him to put me through all that pain, As I still wait, Am wondering what next.