Miracle of Life

Written by: Ivor Davies

It's a miracle I'm here at all,
the heights I've climbed only to fall.
I never know just when to quit
..... although the long falls hurt a bit.

My passion leads me to my fate
in everything I cannot wait.
What ever there is to be done
..... I cannot walk, I have to run.

At work, at home, it always seems,
I race to bring alive my dreams.
For miracles are never done
..... unless they're driven by someone.

It's a miracle I'm here at all,
bruised and battered by each fall.
I could decide life's not for me
..... and drown in total misery.

But the miracle of life is free
and shared by all including me.
So making miracles come true
is why I live...... and what I do!

Ivor G Davies