Butterflies Are Free To Fly

Written by: Josie Parrelli

Butterflies Are Free To Fly
(Written by Josie Parrelli)

Sunlight shines through the window pane
I look and see my butterfly
The one that was wounded not so long ago
The beauty of your ray of colours
Your sunshine, your love, your beauty
Your eternal vibrancy emerging through
Through hurt you hid away
A muted wing a stunted speech
You hid your light away
Afraid to fly

Looking at the bloom entow
Wanting to be that butterfly you have always meant to be
You drew your curtains thinking you weren’t deserving of this
This life of goodness
I knew you would come back
To emerge and reach out when you where free
When you felt ready to fly

Butterflies Are Free To Fly
Flying high in the sky like a phoenix rising
Never hiding your eternal beauty away
Knowing it’s safe to look outside your home
I knew you would land we’re you’ve always meant to be
I’ve always seen it
I’ve loved you so long

Life is different when you see things through the pure eyes
The pure heart
The one of sincerity
As you put one foot in front of the other, retracing your steps
Learning to fly again 
You see the sunshine, you see the love, you see the truth
Your wing has healed, your heart emerged, your confidence soaring

You’ve removed the curtain
The wing has healed 
Your speech strong and concise
Speaking in a voice that will always be heard and never abandoned again

© Josie Parrelli 2011