Ranting From My Midnight Ghost

Written by: derrick burton

Yeah thats right  at
night your not hearing things
and its  not your imagination
And of course the landlord exterminated 
so it couldn't be mickey mouse.
Long before you moved in this was
my house! chump!
Yeah I moved things around when 
your sleep, I even make designs on the sheets
you know off the light of the moon
Because I'm an artist.
Your lucky I'm around here these days
you should give me praise instead of curse
your days.
I keep all the bad ones away
And oh yeah with your selfish self
We know about the sour cream chips 
with dip you got hidden in the case
under your bed too
And I want some, yeah homie I'm
talking to you!!
By the way who buys sour cream dip
with sour cream chips?  what are you
trying to get a more sour creamier experience?