Twisted Love

Written by: Debbie Duncan

As I stand and look at you
I see the ropes around your neck
Can't you see what you do for me
How it makes me come alive inside

It  leads  me places I cannot hide
I see the fear within your eyes
I see your emotions laid bare for me

As I watch the way you react to me 
You take me places I long to be 
This is the way I was taught to be

And I can not go all by myself  So 
I hope you forgive me for the things 
I'm about to do to you and with you 
I see it in your face you long for  it 

For the things I long to do to you
I know that you understand inside
 For what we are about to do 
 I know that you forgive me too

These feelings just come over me
I need the presents of a warm body
To take me where I wanna  be 
I just can't help myself you see
Something just takes over me
When I'm done with you 
I promise to set you free
I'm not playing tricks on you

I'll lay you to rest with the others
It really touches me to see you cry
I know it's because you care for me
And it truly makes me come alive

It's only a matter of time you know
This just might be your last day alive
So maybe you might try to be happy

This is the only way I feel a live
I'm bleeding for you truly I am 
Can't you see how I feel inside 

Tell me you love me before you die
Can't you see this  is the only way
It's the only way I feel alive inside!