The Loch Ness Water

Written by: Sandy Ivy D

The Loch Ness water

I went down by the lake,
Stumbling across the rocks,
My eyes fail to see if it was fake,
Rocks made of blocks.

What does my daddy do,
He creeps up behind me,
Slaps my head with his shoe
Now I can see!

Is that a monstrous branch?
I opened my eyes fully wide,
I swore the water’s became an avalanche,
In a trench is now where I hide.

The sun is getting hotter,
I glimpse at it closer, still it's faraway,
Whatever it is, it is in my water,
I wash up the next day by the bay.

A heavy rock,
I lay under the shade,
The world is not round, it is a block,
I live now, not afraid. “I’m not afraid!"

Scotland yard has nothing on me,
Unforgettably Nessie was really me.

Form: Classic Rhyme (20 lines or more)
Contest: Adventure, art, confusion, fantasy, imagination