When Death Answers The Call

Written by: Samar Saleh

How far beyond the surface of life I shall receive my salvation? How much time would 
you concede for me to earn it? Hundreds of agonies I shed and many more to come if I 
could just gain your bless, harmless pieces of a heart surrounded by the chains of the 
forbidden life, crumbs of a mind that once dreamed and mercilessly was crushed.

I walk lightly to you, my savior, burying all the pain inside, I look at them with a tearful 
smile but their eyes just couldn’t hear it, the silence that came through my lips spoke a 
lot, and the smiles they were painting on their faces reflected my tears, for the load I 
was carrying was just too heavy to be embraced.

I walk lightly to you, my savior, as I’m cleaning out my deserted soul, longing for your 
chaotic touch, anxious for the cold kiss, would you embrace me now? My savior, would 
you save me from this brutal reality? Would you hold my hand and walk me to my 
grave? Tears of joy drifted on my cheeks as I close my eyes tightly enough to see you 
there walking to me heartlessly.