Written by: Charles Melody Lightning Ink

Back and better to be together
With Phyllis Babcock my mother Theresa,
She is so refreshing like coca-cola
And really medicinal like African cola.
Back and better for James Fraser Mr highlander,
For poet destroyer, please don't destroy me
Could you be my builder?
Dear Dr. Ram, i still hail your nib,
Where's Royal Trevino? i always know you.
Constance la France is a silent night
There's power in silence,
Show me Andrea Dietrich, the currency in 
My wallet.
Did anyone see Sara Kendrick? am looking 
For her with a microscope,
Sydney Hall, Mr mad poet, take pity on me,
Am only a cool guy...
Deborah Guzzi is an enlightening haiku,
Hello John loving, you set a pace of love,
Annalise Brigham, the Caribbean beauty,
JSLambert Esquire, your ink is melodious.
Carolyn Devonshire, thanks for being there,
Audrey Carey, carry me all along,
Dorris culverhouse, you're a rare gem,
Dane Ann smith Johnson, how i miss you so.
Is that nette onclaud? i salute your talent,
Garri La Budda, a builder of lines
Carol Brown you are always a mentor.
oh! Linda Marie... sweet Marie,
You're a crown, a mother crown,
Am back and better for poetry soup.