Tweedles Dee Dum Doo

Written by: Shani Fassbender

“Tweedle, my dear, are you Dee or Dum?”
“I’m neither Dum nor Dee, but Doo, you see”
“I’ve never heard of Doo; of the Tweedles that is”
“Well I’m Doo, and I do say so to you”

“For I am the third offspring of the Tweedles
I don’t like needles or crunchy beetles
Though I do like toffee much better than coffee
And I love to scuba while playing the tuba”

“The twins, Dum and Dee, often forget about me
They are like one mind, body, and soul you see
They tease as they please and cause me to sneeze
With tricks up their sleeves, they don’t eat their peas” 

“No stories of me you’ll ever read
Yes, indeed, I am the bad seed in need
Of a normal home, a pocket comb, a friend that is
 not a garden gnome
To love me is easy, not cheesy or leaving you
 feeling queasy”

“Dee and Dum had their fifteen minutes of fame
Now my name, Tweedle the same, I’ve got no shame
This Tweedle Doo begs of you, not to bid him an adieu
I am yours, open your doors, I promise not to snore”

“I am never Dum or Dee, just me
Little brother Doo wants to come home with you
I’ll always be a Tweedle who doesn’t like needles
But love you forever this younger Doo will do”