Church Sin

Written by: Anthony Nutter

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A. W. Nutter

As the suns rays take flight
Pain, mere moments away
Fear grows with the twilight
As a demon prepares to play

No concern of retribution
Atrocities becoming ageless
Habitual, nightly persecution
Cloaked in a veil of righteousness

The barn door slowly opens
Oil lamp illuminates the boy
His eyes black as a ravens
As he views his captive toy

Crying out, from a cold caress
Prompts the demons laughter
Salvation absent for the godless
No mercy from the assaulter

Screams providing gratification
The final act being orchestrated
Priest praying for absolution
For sins already committed

The child’s heart surrenders
Resting in a shallow grave
Safe from religious pretenders
No longer a reprobates slave

Children losing their innocence
Causing the flock to lose hope
False prophet preaching temperance
Pedophiles protected by the Pope