The Mark

Written by: Ana-Maria Bituna

Like the mad ones
Intuition is my aim.
It’s just another game;
There are questions, tones,
Of dragons and blue flames
Posed in the same air,
Hidden in the black lair…
And over my head it rains
With kisses and green lines,
It hit me like a field of mines,
It has waken my true sight,
I’m glad that kiss you I might
And over and over again,
It seems always the first,
And again I calm my thirst,
With another embraced look.

Now you know how Heaven feels like
Now I know that I should do you right,
Like I said once in my dream,
We should be together as a team,
Friends and lovers,
Souls of fighters,
Love is all that we shall have,
So I trust you, take me there,
Show me your hidden path,
We shall walk forever in a square,
But can I still be full of wrath?
Can you save me from the dark?
You said: Kiss me and follow the mark!