Written by: Sophia Smith

Who am I? I ask myself. Am I good enough to love or am I good enough to be 
loved? Am I capable of finding the man of my dreams,who would love me 
unconditionally - A love that will last until death do us part. How do I go on this 
minute; the next hour, the next day, the next year, and even the next decade. Who 
would want me, the discarded to marry. All I am is the rejected; used tissue, that no 
one wants. I know I deserve better. How can I see pass exploitation- to be used 
and then to be tossed away. I am God's child who deserve to love and to be love 
unconditionally by the man of my dreams. But first, I am me and deserve to 
celebrate because I exist, and I am good person. I deserve to live without control, 
oppression, sexual exploitation. I will always honor and celebrate my life even if no 
one wants me, the discarded.