Help me please

Written by: Sophia Smith

Why Jehovah you allow the wicked to spread their wings like an eagle. Why make 
their path smooth like oil and their wicked act prosperous. They create havoc for 
others who are trying to walk in your laws. You are God the almighty: You have 
power beyond what human can conceptualize. Then why is it, I am being tormented 
and you are not completely rescuing me. I am not trying to be presumptuous, but I 
am stating the  fact according to how I see it. Yes, Father you are protecting me 
from harms way, but why can you remove me out of calamity. I am all by myself - 
just you and  I . I am very greatful of your protection and loving kindness, but I need 
more. Problem surround me everywhere that I go . I know that I am being attack by 
spirit forces, but you are Jehovah and no one is like you. You are just, mighty, and 
upright. All I am begging you is to rescue me. You know my problem better than I, 
but it is I who is feeling the pressure. Father, Jehovah, please rescue me. I will stay 
faithful to you Father even if you have forgotten me.