It hurts to love you

Written by: Sophia Smith

My heart loves you. It is filled with love like a rain-filled clouds, just waiting to burst 
right open. My heart is heavy with so much affection that it hurts to love you. I want 
to hug and kiss you like a daughter hugs and kisses her earthly father. I want to 
shower you with many gifts to show you how I feel. I want to comb your hair and 
braid it. I want to lie my head on your lap, and listen to you when you talk. I want to 
wash your mantel. I want to fatten you up with many tasty dishes. I want to do 
every thing that you tell me. I want to just hold your hand and walk about chatting 
just like I did with my earthly father. I just want to be your daughter - a daughter 
loving you. So, my poor heart is overwhelming with love for you Jehovah, my father. 
I want to do your will. I want to imitate your deeds; therefore, my thoughts, actions, 
and words would be agreeable to your heart. My heart loves you Father because 
you help cause my heart to love you. I am so ecstatic about our love, but remember 
Father that I must vindicate your name. My heart love you now and always.