Ultimate Grace

Written by: Robert Gresak

It is formless and timeless
and abounds in limitless quantity,
the more it gives of its self
the greater waxes its wealth.

It possesses ever an unworldly radiance,
for its home lies in the boundless
fields of omniscience
where is brewed its sweet and wondrous essence.

Untouched by worldly dross,
remaining eternally pure and unsullied,
its actions are perfect, sure and unhurried,
for to the very highest light and love is it married./

Across stars and worlds without number it sweeps.
From the very heart of the supreme creator it leaps
like an arrow through the void and thus does it wing
to touch-to permeate the body and spirit of the deserving.

The soul must be open and swift to clutch
that unworldy joy, that divine love
which streams in to briefly touch,
and cause upon the questing, compassionate soul to be writ,
the indelible sigil of an illumined spirit./