Still We Love

Written by: malvern chirindo

"Our love is ill-timed."
That's what she says
But the feeling stays;
A bittersweet emotion,
Dark and deeper than the ocean.

Our love is sweet surrender
We close our eyes and get dragged under.
But sometimes I taste your tears
And wish I could turn back the years
So I could undo my obligations.

I belong to another
Yet with you I want no other.
Chained by yesterday's choices
I hear a million voices
Screaming like my mother.

And if I end up in pain
To choose pain over pleasure
For you,my hidden treasure,
To choose wet moments in the rain
Is such sweet,sweet sacrifice.

Sometimes you're so into me
Sometimes you're so distant
Sometimes you wanna scream and shout
And when I tentatively reach out
And shaking, hold you in my arms

It's wrong but it feels right
And baby girl tonight
Let's make love like there's no tomorrow
Let's make love till there's no more sorrow
Let's reach out and go to heaven tonight.