Mister Squirrel

Written by: Author Rhonda Kay Hero - Wilson

Brown, whiskey
brushy tail who jumps
from the roof top
to the tree just as
easy as can be.

Round and round
mister squirrel goes
onto the tree trunk.
Not a worry or care
has he.

He sits on the branch
looking down at
the bird feeder and
those silly cats
who watch him through
their window each day.

Higher he goes, with 
a nut held tightly
to be hidden so when
winter comes he
can have him a snack.

Sitting proudly making
his tail go into a curl
form, so bushy, brown
as he shows of for the
cats he is teasing,
letting them know they
will never get him.

Bushy, Furry, he is quit
amazing as he sits
on the branch, jumping
to the roof top down he
hops and off to new