Iris of Mahogany

Written by: Conor Jordan

And Although We Weave Webs of Subtle Desire,
Our Purpose is Stained and Therefore Doomed.

                                    - Unalterable Variables -

The Cracks, They Appear, One By One, Turning
Priceless Artwork into Cheap Mosaic Patterns.

                                    - Irreversible Damages - 

Maybe the Tyranny of My Biology Weighing Down
Upon Me, is Worth The Twenty Seconds of Mahogany.

                                    - Inconceivable Time lapse -

Hidden by The Covers and Staring into My Blue
Green Distortions, The Lines Beside her Eyes Wrinkle.

                                    - Irrevocably Primal -

This is Lust Perpetuated by Unsatiated Loins,
The Kind That Leads to Dante's Second Circle.

                                    - Fictional Deterrent -

With Morality Neatly Destroyed, I Run My Fingers
Over Her Silk and The Wrinkles Reappear.

                                    - Fragmented Ethics -

Her Tongue, Fleetingly Touches Mine,
I Could Taste The Reluctant Sweetness.

                                    - Neuron Chastity -

Holding Her Securely From Behind, She Curls
Comfortably and her Heart Beats Through Back.

                                   - Incomprehensible Distance -

Her Pulses Tapped an Indecipherable Morse
Code Through My Ribcage and Into Blood.

                                   - Unintentional Communication -

Biological Algorithms Converted The Nonsensical 
Pulsing To a Glass Clear Reflected Reality.

...A Reality, I Could Not Call Home