My Light

Written by: Chrissy Downing

Theres a light hidden somewhere
I swore I knew it once upon a time
At least I thought there was
Someone told me that, that light was Hope
I hear you can find that light in young children still
But I hope those children grow up better than I
I watched one day as that light was torn from my heart
Torn from my soul
By this harsh cruel world
Surviving this life with that light is a feat 
Someday I plan to find my light again
One day an elderly man told a little girl
The world’s a cold dark place,
But it doesn’t have to be that way
It can be beautiful as long as you keep that light
The one In your heart alive
I am that little girl
But I foolishly gave my light to someone else
And they demolished it
Maybe someday
Someone will replenish it