A Puzzling Poetic Tattoo Thanking You Nyla Alisia Ward

Written by: Wanda Ridley

Nurturing poets to produce.
My motivational, poetical writing, spoken wordress muse.
In leading me to the speak easy cafe site.
To cause me initiating rites to write.
I am tattooing you.
These lines of poetry view.
Her medicine- just write- she administers like a poetic prescription
A writers treatment for bloc- no pre, nor post, just non existing that's her description
For tempting and hooking me back to my addiction.
Surprise! tattooeterized your name in this rendition.
U indelible watch within the ink.
A grateful gratitude laid you in this piece.
Cocked a pen - sprayed you like i shot a glock.
Your names bleeding- piercing lines-so i unlock this puzzling poetic tattoo thanking you.