Heaven and Happiness

Written by: Josie Parrelli

Heaven & Happiness
(Written by Josie Parrelli)

Hello stranger, did you think you wouldn’t see me again
Someone has been thinking of you, times have changed
I’m am ready
Although silent I know you’re ready too
Happiness is closer than you think
Feels like heaven
Heaven & Happiness

There is freedom within there is freedom together
I don’t want anything that’s not real it’s YOU I hold dear
Like the river to the sea I’ll always be
I know it’s only words, know that nothing’s ever too good
Every story needs to start from somewhere
Our story has already begun
Feels like heaven
Heaven & Happiness

Flow to the skies breeze
Break free like the butterfly spreading their wings for the first time
Take my hand and be free, love is the key that’s unlocked our hearts
Only we can do what must done, our time is now, we’ve come alive
Feels like heaven
Heaven & Happiness

New chapter open a new happy life begins
Don’t look back, love endures everything
We can float in the harmony
The new journey begins
Feels like heaven
Heaven & Happiness

© Josie Parrelli 2011