Written by: Angelie Acapuyan

I stand here now and decide on my own
When all along I thought my heart will be thrown
And chained from far distance, when I thought
I'll let love leave me alone after the pains that I have sought.

When I learned that I wanted to be with you, and remembered
All the laughter and the moments we become sober,
But I have to leave and give myself the choice of growing,
That I forgot to remember that other plans and dreams are part of living.

When I prayed to God to let you to set me free,
Though with great efforts to be happy
When I walk away, maybe you'll love and miss more
The girl you used to be with but never been really yours.

When I wished to keep some little tears
And pack them away with me, with a little fear
That I let go and let my life randomly play
When your only wish is to let me stay.