An Airheads Complexity part 1

Written by: colin mitchell williams

There are some who live by fear
And there are those who live by love
Those who believe their perceptions
Should not be constrained or altered

There are some who think belief
Should be guided and dictated
They believe in the doctrines
Which relieve them of any responsibility

And all their laws and rules
Tell them how things should be
And damned be they to hell
All those who think and act a little differently

There are some who see
The shadow cast upon this world
And in the darkness of its aggression
They are forced to do as they are told

There are some who cannot close their eyes
Nor willingly close their heart and mind
To the inflicted suffering
Of their fellow human beings

There are some for whom this knowledge
Is an icicle in their soul
And it writes itself into every aspect
Of the false and intimidated world

And although their love and caring 
Reaches out to all
They are confronted by the medium
Of a cold and thoughtless wall 

There are some who consider
Beauty a mere encrustation of the scene
A pretty decoration 
In the garden of their concrete

They look ever for the quality 
They are to receive
From the payment
Of its service 

There are those among us
Who do not care
In which way
You express devotion

They do not give a single thought
To your race
Your colour
Or religion

It is they who see
All the diversity inherent in all its propensity 
To feel the need
To answer all the questions

There are some among us
Who celebrate the weapon
Their answer hangs on death
With the bullet and the bomb

There are those who think obscenity
Is in the sexual act of procreation
And they condemn the art of lovemaking
While watching the latest Hollywood war film 

There are those on this planet
Who condemn and demean
Every human aspect
Of our God inspired creation

They who would haul us all
Into the shadow of their own self denial
And feed us to the guillotine
Of their twisted sick disconnected

While they
Feed upon
Our world