majestic dreamer

Written by: Bill Lindenmuth


Majestic dreamer fluttering gracefully above each open petal 
Fiery orange and black as you pass through a bright autumn sky 
Briefly visiting on your way to destinations unknown 
Restless wanderer, turning nighttime into day traveling to places 
Unknown to you and places unimaginable 
Floating without effort where the morning light serves as your next stop 
On a stream of consciousness 
The sweet scent of jasmine draws you closer as you briefly touchdown 
Then you gently scatter the dust of life on an unsuspecting soul 
Wings become still momentarily, then off into your seemingly 
Effort less flight, into the darkness you travel guided by heavenly light 
Onward in your journey in search of the perfect dream 
Your quest continues in both darkness and in light 
Ever closer, with each passing moment, visions become reality in the 
Waking cycle of our lives, autumn settles in, a celebration of seasons past 
Vibrant colors from our experiences now on display 
The butterfly settles down in its final destination 
Flowers bloom in the midst of a fiery sunset 
They await your graceful arrival