impure clarity

Written by: Amanda Miller

 Silence. It seems
Is the greatest way to peeve
A woman who believes in speaking
Her mind, ever so freely

Initially, so peacefully
So calm and composed
Not letting him affect her
Just letting it all go

Evil ego firmly guards her flag
Of adamant animosity
Uncaring of the consequence
Without fear she moves along

Distraction, her kindest companion
Friends and family she involves
Avoiding without much effort
The glowing telephone box

A week goes by
Such Ignorant bliss
But still no word he sends forth
Nothing, not even a kiss

Tormented and distraught
Fidgeting with her scarf
Aimlessly driving 
To that oh! So familiar spot

Lighter in hand
She anxiously inhales
Peace, momentarily, 
Pain, she evades.

From one to ten
She drowns out the sound
Once the tenth was done 
Another packet came out

A week, a month
And still no news
Annoyed, her anger 
Swells out, so profuse

This game you have played
Might prove perilous for you 
For unknowingly 
You have played with the maker of this game.

The rules I set
Every move I change
For once the winning hand is laid
Only loss comes your way.