Let Me Out

Written by: Kyle kriticos

Johnny played video games till his mouth was dry
He never glimpsed at the midday sun
Or turned his head to see the star lit sky
He would have seen a world for the taking
Just a couple steps outside
But he never played outside

He played every sport on a gaming console 
Every sport he never tried 
Maybe he saw the shots he could have scored 
Through his dilated eyes
Through his bloodshot, tired eyes

His parents were as wealthy as could be
But life was spinning and they were dizzy
Maybe him and his father would have thrown a football
But life was just too busy
The law firm was just too busy

On parent teacher day at school
There was a limousine waiting after the bell
With a chauffeur to inquire 
Whether Jonny was doing well
But he wasn't doing well

They found out about those b's and c's 
So they tried to give him hell
Driving straight into the heights, straight into the ghetto
So he would know what could happen if he did not excell 

But when he stuck his head out the window
He didn't mind the pungent smell
He saw kids his own age kicking a makeshift soccer ball
And that air conditioned lexus 
Felt like a prison cell

By Kyle Kriticos