Written by: Bill Lindenmuth

Imagine yourself as a raindrop
 Sharing space in a cloud 
Will I be part of a morning shower 
Or the member of an angry crowd 
Will I fall to earth on a gentle breeze 
Or ride the currents of a storm 
Will I be cool or refreshing
 or steamy muggy and warm 
Will I bounce upon some rooftop
 Or touch the leaf of a tree 
Rising along a storm surged tide 
Seeking some way to be free
 Will I kiss the petals of a daisy
 And glisten in the sun
 Or fall into a lazy pond 
That has no where to run
 Will I gently touch the soft brown earth 
Searching to find my roots
 Attach myself to a passerby
 Who is wearing rubber boots 
Will I find myself in a glass
 as part of a lemonade
Or settled in a sheltered ditch 
As a puddle in the shade 
A raindrop's life is ongoing
 Like the angels tears Caressing the earth
 Rising once again into the sky
 Clouds symbolize rebirth
 Just imagine it for a moment 
And think of the rainbow in flight 
A raindrop divided into colors
Bathed in heavenly light