Written by: Isioma West

The feigned glories of war
With the fluttering flag
And the romanticized figures and bloodied bodies
Put a beautiful and patriotic image in your mind.
But the horrors of war are not beautified
With sugary words and hope.
No. The sight of it, feel of it
Can leave you trembling and wishing no more.
Once the ideas of a beautiful war diminished
Into the deepest, darkest depths of our minds,
We saw the terrible cause of discord.
Would war ever end? 
Though we have attempted peace since WW1
We have fallen short and ended up 
With more soldiers and more fatalities.
War is the violent compromising of two conflicting territories.
A way of foreign policy that causes mishap 
And reluctance.
It causes weariness in civilians—
But will it ever cease to exist?
Is there no other way?