Go away

Written by: Chrissy Downing

Darkness creeps in through the creveces 
Soaking the edges of my bright life with an unruly stain
I thought I had left it far behind me
But i found the stain too strong to remove completely
A slow moving storm trying to engulf my once happy world
Now which has become a dark nightmare I plead to wake from
A word can be erased but the indent from its pressure will always be there
And how can one remove such a mark
Forgetting is impossible
Running Unbearable
Giving in Unexceptable
I will forever be in it's ever darkening shadow
Such grim claws crushing me in their grasp
How could my body betray me so
Letting illness breach their sturdy walls
Once i was cancer ridden and sickly pale
My wishes are strong but
I cannot find myself a Wishing well 
Don't let it happen again
Let it all be a bad dream
Let me still be healthy
Give me a light that will forever blind this darkness knocking at my doors
But if it is true
And I have come to repat history for a third time
Give me piece of mind
Let me live at least a life will fullness
And not one ruled by hospital beds
My fights have been fought conquered and won
Twice I was so lucky
If I should go to battle a third time
Pray that luck has been bestowed upon me a third
My light will never be snuffed
I shall shine as brightly as a thousand stars in a pitch black world
My darkness will always be here
But So will I
At least I know I will Try
Until The very day I die