In Search of A Father's Love

Written by: Mary Duhart

In Search of a Father’s Love

Searching for a father’s love and a hand to hold.
Don’t know which way to go in a world so cold.
Searching for a father’s love in this world below.
Questions coming from all around are drowning within their soul.

Depression is sinking in  and telling them that you don’t have the time.
They only want to hear you speak -
to their troubled minds.
Please take the time to listen to your sons reaching out to you.
You just might have the solution to help them make it
during these perilous times.

A mother can only tell them how to be a man.
You are the main example to model out this plan.
They are growing up quickly and don’t know which direction to take.
They are seeking for your attention so they won’t make so many mistakes.

Please listen to them closely and read between the lines.
Take just one moment and give them a little bit  of your time.
Wrap your arms around them and show them that you care.
They are searching for your love.
So please don’t leave them in despair.

  *This one was written 6-2-2007 and seeing how Father's Day is Coming up..I would like to post it again...On behalf of father's everywhere...