Totally Me

Written by: Susan Mills

It's totally me to be so free
independence non-arrested and just to be

to wander without lust yet now to rust
yet my heels I'm sorry may leave you in the dust

whether doing nothing is all I can do
or speed of lighting race leaves all subdued

I'm consistent about being me weee... weeee. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-
Yet we're all the same, we're all just "We"

we can all stand together wherever we are
or we can break the Unity of our "lone star"

Independent, reserved, basically limited me
What to do?  Just let me "be" with my poetic "glee"

And you can be you to live your day
Company really doesn't love misery everyday

brighten your heart once for a start
with the heedy words I hope to impart

Just be you and I'll just be me
Right? Write! Rite aid... I did spree!

Ha! Ha!
Tah! Tah!