The Hunter and the Hunted

Written by: Richard Moriarty

Night has fallen
dark and deep
creatures stir that had been asleep.

A light from passing cars flash into the dark
yellow eyes peer from the night
a scurrying movement catches the eye
then all is lost under the darken sky.

One of our furry friends goes on a hunt
looking for a meal
that is hiding in the nearby field.

Watching closely is another pair of eyes
seeking its prey
under that dark and cloudy sky.

The feline friend crouches low,
moving stealthily 
eyes fixed
as an unsuspecting rodent scurries by
knowing that a meal is about to be served.

All the while in the dark of the night
another pair of eyes
gleaming yellow in the pass of the lights
watches as its meal is about to be had.

Silently without a sound
the pet approaches its prey
when out of the night the hunter
becomes the hunted
and dies in a most sudden way.