Written by: Audonus Taylor

Sleep, Think, and Dream myself to you, 
is what I do out of devotion. 
Long lingers of school buses and 
library books that took us and taught us "home". 
A word which became more for meeting you, 
and harder to remember for knowing you so well. 
Yet I often slip from reality and indulge this 
false definition, derived from the optimism 
of a  hopeful heartbeat.

Then I wander through the wonder years, 
and cherished moments of selfless smiles 
and obvious affection, poorly cloaked 
by friendship and often revealed in a series 
of glances, that taught me the reason 
behind a prayer. Abating the sting of every 
melancholy thought, and transforming the 
diffident words of a silly boy, into beautiful
 phrases of endearment, 
offered to a woman from a man.

Thus, I dream of you as the virus and 
the remedy, dark and bright that keeps 
my mind balanced. Pondering a poison 
by daylight, and recalling the cure by nightfall. 
Drowning in your absence and breathing by 
the sight of closed eyes, that grant me a reason 
to inhale deeply and exhale slowly, during a held 
moment of pure elation. Running from reality 
until rest arrives, allowing me another chance 
to sleepwalk my way back, 
into the only dream I know.