Audonus Taylor's A Cliche Oddysey In Hip Hop Vernacular

Written by: Audonus Taylor

Through the shades of pain, 
Eyes can only read rage and madness,
Encumbered tenants of the 
residence where crack lives,
He wants to travel but cannot 
afford an atlas,
Dope game forced on him with 
no time to practice,
Tries to force himself to sleep 
through all the sadness,
Breathing corruption, deep 
breathed and maskless,
Dreaming of home but he doesn't 
know where that is,
Because his mother has broken 
dreams and cracked lips,

He sleeps with pictures of perfect 
places he ought to see,
He needs advice that's full of love 
and fatherly,
His dad is gone, so where the hell 
could father be?
On second thought he thinks 
why let it bother me?
The liquor bottles seductively 
whisper swallow me,
The liquid drowns the strong mind 
that ought to be,
He equates each breath with 
Homer's Odyssey,
Hoping the dreams of his Ithica will 
someday whisper follow me,