no title deserves this one

Written by: eddie merritt

Here I am 
Like I was the one who u I provoked
Silence is my Friend
While u congregate with the one who should be in my role
A joke
That's what I feel like
So what tho right?
Uff it then I'll write
The pen is always in sight
Gotta get u outa my mind
What can I say tho love is blind
It can crush u or bind
Gotta get used to u not being there
Becuz I see how its dwindling yeah
It's obvious
Ain't no point denying this
ur slipping away yeah
I dreaded this would happen
N I see it fading man I can't grasp it
Like a past coming attraction
But these feelings n events I choose to ignore
Becuz what's in my heart is real
N how this feel is rare 
So into the night I stare 
As u say I don't wanna talk n I say ok yeah
Knowing its me u don't wanna see becuz drama intricately 
Find its way into the root u see
Ya'll argued about me
The things u told him n other things that was seen thru the actions of a sneak
I used to be so yes I can speak
So as I suffer from the actions of others n still The past acts of me
I am here waiting for u diligently......Peace