Three Pennies

Written by: sabastin gunner

   One was when it was new.
Shiny head calling to me from days of childhood.
Pick me up and make a wish..Surely you know this to be true
for people have told you your whole life it is.
Having doubts I grasped the penny
Heard the voices of the past Make a wish and it will be true..
and i wished for you.
   Second was when we were one and strong
I saw the heads again.whispering their taunts.
Pick me up and make a wish, surely you know this to be true
So I grabbed that penny and held it close
And thought my wish and blew a kiss
and once again wished for you
   Number three was tough,dirty and worn.
Hidden under and could barely be heard.
Right at my feet as the connection had ended.
It rasped pick me up and make a wish surely
you know this to be true
I glared at that penny through eyes fogged with pain.
I bet on two others and look at the cost.
My spirt is tattered my hearts at a loss.
I dug it out and rubbed it...
My you've had it rough
Your surface is worn with deep gouges through out
Still it called again in a voice barely heard..Make a wish
surely you know this to be true but went on..those others
you bet on where shiny and new, my surface is beaten but it's what 
I've been through..My magic still works of this I assure you.
    And I grasped that dirty penny in hands filled with hurt
Kissed it rubbed it and once again....
I wished for you.....