Written by: romeo naces


They say he's lord of the drunken banter.
That girl who sings there is whom he's after.
He boasts he can bag any pretty broad 
who strays into this pub at the crossroad.

He roars, "Hey, waiter, don't you block  my view.
   She smiles  and sings exclusively for me,
      same songs of love that always sound so new.
         She's really hooked on me as you can see."

"So, waiter, step aside and stay away.
    Just wish you were that guitar on her lap
      or that mike there touching her lips, but hey,
         only in your groggiest dream, poor chap."

"Here she comes, watch me, I'm your macho man.
   She'll surely sit here close to me, you'll see.
      Hello, sweet babe, you got some sexy plan?
         These dudes right here won't mind, they'll let us be."

She smiles and stands beside the banter lord
and says to clear things up, for the record.
She wants them to meet the man of her life:
He's this waiter right here, and she's his wife !