Written by: romeo naces


On the cyber-stallion 
of military might,

           against the backdrop 
           of missiles, a fearsome sight,

           malevolently looming,

           stares at charred corpses, 
           then gazes around, smirking.

There, the wounded crawl and drag 
their dead through debris;

           yonder, ashes of home 
           and heart, maimed memory.

           The old, the children, 
           they may be blasted away

           as burnt offerings 
           on the altar of peace, he'd say.

Hark the chanting of his 
lackeys, dogs and toadies:

            "Hail, the Commander-in-Chief, 
             brave champion of peace!"

             That lion lionized by those 
             with envy and fear,

             wish he were this drunk 
             lizard drowning in my beer !