Written by: Whitney Warren

This emptiness falls deep from my mind. 
The sanity is out there for me to find.
Countless thoughts that stress to the max.
A soul that never get’s a chance to relax.

Endless words that continue to wander.
Myself I will then start to ponder.
Pain that taunts and sticks around.
Silence that fades and is never found.

Running around in circles until I am weak.
Guidance is now left for me to seek.
Raging thoughts that need to escape.
My life, I am trying not to break.

Words are seeping deep in my brain.
Myself I try not to drive insane.
“Back off world, Leave me alone”.
My heart lets out a final groan.

“Get out of my head, I didn’t want you here”
I grab my life by the wrist and begin to steer.
Trying to swim in my river of tears.
Still staying above my countless fears.

These thoughts seem to follow me wherever I go.
Myself, I fear others will get to know.
Haunted by thoughts that don’t know how to leave.
Still thinking the truth, no one will believe.