I Just Wish I

Written by: Scott Skaggs

I just wish I..., Could meet you eye to eye,
In all of this negitive, Never open and selective,
Oh please, Don't forget about me, 
Becuase I Can't forget you, That, I would never do,
Starting all over again, Has left me with not a freind, 
But a life partner, Let's take this even farther,
No negitive creation, Leaving us in fustration,
 Take your time, I will take mine,
Read your bible, Turns out it's pretty reliable,
We  should love God before ourselves, 
God will pick us up again if it fails, 
Maybe it don't sound like a good idea to you,
Just look at all the things we have been through,
You wonder why I'm leaving,
It was all for good reason.......

P.S.  I'll be back, I hate it where I'm at.

By: ScottS2011