Unusual sources of inspiration

Written by: ifedayo oshin

Well I wonder!
What, which inspires?
The bathroom door that collides with the wind
And exposes its guest?
Or the gaping window that
Gives peeping space for my neighbor’s eyes?
Is it the thick dried browned soap foams
On marbled wall, painted white by
Colors of many years?
Is it the tiled surface floor
Whose yellowness is turning brown?
Or the morning cold Well water?
Is it its impact on the body
Lukewarm from the heat of the night
And residues of mosquitoes in the bloodstream?
Or a token blessing of seasonless patronage
Of the shrine of showerers?
Well, I wonder!
What which inspires?
When every morning in the bath
 Songs dances, ideas run wild
And thoughts splash and flash
And poem like this
Find a space at the contours of my mind.