missing you

Written by: sarah moncada

I’m looking at you and wondering
“What happened to us”? 
Did we lose what we had or was it even there?
Slowly you fade. 
I try to hold on but you turn to mist. 
Nothing is left but the emptiness. 
It’s cold where your arms wrapped me and held me close. 
You’re gone, I'm alone.
And it isn't that I did you wrong. 
You showed me love yet, I was unsure what to do. 
Everything I worked for isn't new.
'cause I rather have had you used. 
So I can put you back together with pieces of me, 
Instead of breaking you down from perfect.
Since that is what you are to me; my hopes, my dreams, and my reality. 
Never changing. Never ending.
But you’re gone and I’m alone. 
What happened to us?
Chances not taken, promises broken, found love now lost.
We no longer have forever; it’s turned into a clock counting down.
And you are missing…